Christina Bronsing-Lazalde


Christina Bronsing-Lazalde is a seasoned organizer and researcher turned graphic and web designer—after many years troubleshooting issues at scrappy non-profits with lots of heart, but not always a budget to match. From movement wins to the reality of policy outcomes, turning a story into something intuitive, creative, visual, and resonant is something she stays up at night thinking about. Christina has been involved with Real Food Media since our earliest days, ushering Food MythBusters and the Real Food Films contest into the multi-faceted communications organization it is today. She has grown the partnerships element of our work based on a commitment to collaborative processes, supporting our partners to identify the stakes of our work and the formats that best tell our stories. As co-director, she leads the strategy behind our programmatic outreach, developing tools for action and organizing to change the narrative around food. She holds an MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy from NYU Wagner. A Virgo through and through (with the spreadsheets to prove it), she brings communications strategy, project management, graphic design, training, and facilitation skills to the team. Christina is based in Chicago and can be found jamming out with her two toddlers for regularly scheduled living room dance parties.

Photo: Christina (L) and Davia Nelson (R) of NPR’s Kitchen Sisters recording audio conversations at the World Organic Congress in Istanbul.