Voices of the Food Chain

Real Food Media joined the Food Chain Workers Alliance with a simple goal: to capture food chain workers’ sharing their stories in their own words. We gathered a crew of video and audio producers—including the acclaimed team from StoryCorps—and set up shop in two simple rooms during the Alliance’s annual summit. Over the course of two days, pairs of workers from frontline member organizations all along the food chain shared their stories with each other, recounting their struggles—and their victories.

We honestly weren’t sure what to expect; it was a a big ask. It’s not easy to sit with someone you may have never met to share your story or recount experience of harassment in the fields, discrimination, and other workplace indignities while being recorded.

In the end, something transformative took place. Many of these conversations ended with profound connections, a few tears, hugs of solidarity. Many workers, connected for the first time through the Alliance, were emboldened hearing some of their own experiences reflected back to them and encouraged to persist in the fight for better wages and protections.

Take a listen for yourself or watch our short video segment and follow the work of the Food Chain Workers Alliance to stand with workers all along the food chain.


Voices of the Food Chain from Real Food Media on Vimeo.