Food Mythbusters

What are some of the biggest myths about food, farming, and sustainability? How can we counter food industry influence and billions in marketing? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

At Real Food Media, we work to debunk some of the key food myths pushed by food and agribusiness corporations, which face an existential threat from the growing interest in, and demand for, greater sustainability and fairness in food.

We produced short films to take on two of these myths. We encourage you to watch them, share them, and dig deeper. The transcript and citations for each video are included, along with a companion reading guide to learn more about the issues. Since we first launched these videos, they have been seen by more than 1 million people online and have been used in classrooms, workshops, conferences, and more.

Myth: We need industrial agriculture to feed the world.

In this video we take on the persistent myth that we can’t feed the world without toxic chemicals or genetically engineered seeds. And, we showcase the power of sustainable agriculture to address the root causes of hunger in a world of plenty.



Myth: We want the junk food and packaged products filling our shelves.

In this video we expose the billions at work to influence what we desire, what we buy, and the particularly pernicious marketing of soda and junk food to children and teens.