Selected Past Events

Every year we speak at dozens of events around the country, from colleges and universities to community events, workshops, and grassroots fundraisers. Be in touch to inquire about an event in your community.


Universities and Schools

Keynote speeches, guest lectures, workshops


Community Events

Non-profit, public sector events, fundraisers, and community forums


Keynotes and Conferences

Keynote speeches, workshops, and panels


Virtual Events and Webinars


  • Inflamed: A conversation with Raj Patel and Rupa Marya, moderator, Oxford Real Farming Conference 
  • Diet for a Small Planet: Interview with Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé, featured panelist, Banyan Books & Sound
  • Perennial Farm Annual Gathering with the Savanna Institute, keynote panel discussion
  • Reimagining our Relationship to Food: A conversation with Anna Lappé and Tiffani Patton, University of California  Berkeley
  • Lessons for a Small Planet with Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé, Biodiversity Funders Group, Part I of II 
  • Action for a Small Planet with Anna Lappé, Biodiversity Funders Group, Part II or II
  • Food Justice and Climate Chaos: A Social Justice Teach-in with Anna Lappé, Cal Poly
  • The Future of Food: Seeking Sustainable Solutions, panelist, City University Hong Kong
  • Soil: Carving out Space for BIPOC Farming, moderator, The New School at Commonweal, Roots of Resilience Series, Part I of III 
  • Sea: The Struggle for Sovereignty, moderator, The New School at Commonweal, Roots of Resilience Series, Part II of III
  • Solidarity: Connecting Across the Food Chain, moderator, The New School at Commonweal, Roots of Resilience Series, Part III of III
  • Mother, Daughter, Collaborators (plus the Book that Changed the World of Food), keynote, Bay Area Book Festival
  • Food and Housing Justice in District 3: A Candidate Forum, moderator
  • Building a Resilient Future, keynote, Independent Food Retailers Conference
  • Dr Bronner’s Meet the Funders webinar, panelist 
  • Diet for a Small Planet, keynote, San Mateo County Public Libraries
  • Smoke & Mirrors: Exposing the PR Tactics of the PesticideI, panelist, Pesticide Action Network UK
  • Honoring Silent Spring: Stories from the Frontlines of the Fight for a Pesticide-Free Future webinar with Friends of the Earth, moderator
  • Op-ed Training with Re-Wild Your Campus student activists, trainer
  • Not Apart, Together, Kala Art Institute, moderator 
  • Agrochemicals: The Next Frontier in the Fight Against the Fossil Fuel Economy, Health and Environmental Funders Network
  • A New Climate, New York Times Climate Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Event, provided ideas for attendees, participants, and lunchtime conversation for this interactive, daylong event at YBCS



  • Gender Diversity & Ecology, Moderator, Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • Spinning Food: The Stealth PR Tactics Industry Uses to Shape the Story of Food, Keynote Presenter, Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • Spinning Food: How to Identify the PR Tactics Industry Uses to Shape the Story of Food, Workshop Leader, Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • Against Philanthropy: The Role of Foundations in Colonizing the Food System with Rupa Marya and Raj Patel, Moderator, Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • Indigenous Food Systems with Lyla June, Moderator, Oxford Real Farming Conference
  • Fireside Chat with Bryant Terry, Eco Farm
  • Food, Social Movements, and Social Change, Guest Lecture, Cal Poly
  • Tapping the Power of Procurement for New York State, Presenter, Good Food Buffalo Legislation Forum
  • Food Media: Whose Stories Are Being Told?, Moderator, Edible Education 101
  • Stolen Land: The Struggle for Rematriation, Roots of Resilience Speaker Series
  • Seed-saving: Preserving culture, building resilience, Roots of Resilience Speaker Series
  • Thirsty California: Water, Agribusiness, and the Future of Food, Roots of Resilience Speaker Series
  • A Good Mother: Conversation with Lara Bazelon and Anna Lappé, The New School at Commonweal 
  • Agroecology: Grassroots Solutions to Global Crises” Video Launch, Agroecology Fund
  • Lessons from Seeds, Moderator, Groundwork
  • Midwest Farmers of Color Collective: Building Community, Building Power, Moderator, Groundwork
  • Climate Action in Food & Agriculture: Resilience & Reversal, FoodFunded
  • Food in the 18th: Candidates Forum, Oakland Food Policy Council
  • A conversation with Anna Lappé and Bill McKibben, The Edmund and Sylvia Morris Lecture Series
  • Authors in Conversation: Frances Moore Lappé and Bryant Terry, Book Passage
  • Just Livestock Transition: a game-changing solution to the food system crisis, 50by40 Frances Moore Lappé and Raj Patel, Booksmith
  • How to Cover Agroecology, Mongabay Agroecology webinar
  • Progressive Climate Action, TedXCountdown
  • Healthy Plates, Healthy Planet, Revel Eleven
  • Green New Fields: The Battle for Health, Biodiversity, and a Stable Climate, George Washington University
  • How Funders and Field Partners Are Working Intersectionality Against the Fossil Fuel Supply Chain, Health and Environmental Funders Network





  • Global Alliance for the Future of Food Convening, Siena, Italy, January 25
  • Community meeting on pesticides in Mals, Italy, January 26
  • Seeding Resilience, a CUESA Talk and Real Food Reads event, San Francisco, C, February 25
  • Food Literacy for All Lecture Series, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, March 12
  • Community Event with HAPA, Hawaii SEED, Pesticide Action Network, Hanalei, HA, April 1
  • The Climate Crisis: Changing What and How We Eat, Ramapo College of New Jersey, April 10 Public lecture
  • Sustainable Food Trust Convening at the Christensen Fund, San Francisco, CA, April 13
  • Leveraging collaboration: Funder-ready investment opportunities designed to accelerate climate action, ClimateWorks Event, San Francisco, CA, April 15
  • Power of Procurement, A Good Food Purchasing Program Summit, Chicago, IL, May 20
  • Our Plates, Our Planet, a panel with PCC Farmland Trust, Seattle, WA, June 12
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders Conference workshop on Narrative Change, Pittsburgh, PA, June 17
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders Conference dinner for Closing the Hunger Gap, Pittsburgh, PA
  • California Food for California Kids Statewide Conference by The Center for Ecoliteracy, panel, Oakland, CA, June 27     
  • Climate Chaos, Food Solutions, a CUESA Talk, San Francisco, CA, July 10
  • Corporate Accountability Brown Bag Lunch, Boston, MA, August 20
  • Community dinner for M. Jahi Chappell, new Executive Director Food First          Berkeley, CA, September 5
  • Food and Developmental Health panelist at Future Well Summit with Alice Waters and the First Partner of California, Jennifer Newsom, Stemple Creek Ranch, CA, August 6
  • Global Alliance for the Future of Food Strategic Convening on the Climate Crisis and the Future of Food, September 27
  • Brower Youth Awards, celebrating Herbicide-Free Campus’s Mackenzie Feldman, San Francisco, CA, October 15
  • What Makes Food Good, a discussion with Anna Lappé and Mark Bittman at Commonwealth Club SF, San Francisco, CA, October 17
  • Future of Food Keynote Panel at SOCAP with the Rockefeller Foundation, San Francisco, CA, October 22
  • The Fight for the Future of Food: A Conversation with African Activists, San Francisco, CA, October 23



  • Winnable Campaigns, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Webinar
  • Healing the Community with Good Food Women’s Panel, Shiftcon Social Media Conference, Irvine, California
  • 16th Annual Authors Dinner, the Berkeley Public Library Foundation
  • Enhancing Policy Capacity for Public Health Convening, Healthy Food America, Berkeley, California
  • Taking Action: Leading and Healing the World through Food and Agriculture Keynote, Natural Products Expo West, Irvine, California
  • Real Food Rising! HEAL Food Alliance Annual Summit
  • Sustainability’s Edge: Food Systems in the Age of Climate Crisis Keynote, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  • 5th Annual Food Waste & Hunger Summit, Keynote, Campus Kitchens Project, Indianapolis, IN
  • Beyond Pesticides 36th Annual Forum, Irvine, California
  • Power, Democracy, and the Future of Food Keynote, Food Intersections Symposium, University of Delaware
  • From Plate to Planet Panel, Climate One, San Francisco, California
  • Pathways to Impact, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Conference, Spokane, WA.
  • Pesticides in Paradise, New York, California
  • Summer Nights at Stone Barns, Keynote, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, California







  • Forum on Ethics and Public Policy, Keynote Speaker, Santa Barbara, California
  • Natural Products Expo West 2015, Panelist, Anaheim, California
  • Keynote Speaker, Organic Center Annual VIP Dinner, Expo West, Anaheim, California
  • Launched Real Food Films Winning Video, TEDxManhattan, New York, New York
  • Social Enterprise & Sustainable Food Systems, Guest Lecture, Webinar
  • ABCs of GMOs, Food Tank, Webinar,
  • Farm-to-Table Dinner, Host and Speaker, Disposable Film Festival, San Francisco, California
  • Food Chain Workers Alliance Summit, Food Chain Workers Alliance, Washington D.C.
  • Presentation about Real Food Media, Panta Rhea Foundation Board Meeting, Sausalito, California
  • University of Minnesota, Webinar
  • Realizing Potential: The Future of Food, Participant and Speaker, Esalen, California
  • Just Label It Press Conference, Webinar
  • The Philanthropy Workshop, Keynote Speaker, San Francisco, California
  • Diet for a Hot Planet Dinner, Host, 18 Reasons, San Francisco, California
  • Panel Discussion, Oakland Book Festival, Oakland, California
  • Food Policy Action Dinner, Presenter, San Francisco, California
  • Plenary Opening Session, Save Our Soils Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Workshop Presenter, Save Our Soils Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Special Advisor to Greenpeace International Food Team, Green Gulch Farm
  • Soil Not Oil International Conference, Keynote Speaker, Soil Not Oil, Richmond, California
  • Charitable Trust for Dr. Vandana Shiva, Host, Funders Briefing at TomKat Charitable Trust for Dr. Vandana Shiva, San Francisco, California
  • Real Food Media Fundraiser, Gather Restaurant, Berkeley, California
  • ShiftCon Blogger Conference, Keynote Speaker, Manhattan Beach, California
  • Spinning Food Workshop, ShiftCon, Manhattan Beach, California
  • Emcee for REVEL, Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco, California
  • Uncharted Ideas, Featured Speaker, Uncharted Ideas, Berkeley, California
  • Food System Communicators Meeting, Presenter, Paicines Ranch, San Jose. California
  • 11th Hour Connect, Keynote Presenter, 11th Hour Project, San Francisco, California
  • College of Natural Resources Alumni Association Career Panel, Panelist, Berkeley, California
  • Positive Pasture Conference, Attendee, Marin, California
  • Real Food Rising, Brower Center, Berkeley, California



  • Forests, Climate, and Food, RAN Sun Valley, Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Brownbag Lunch, RSF Social Finance, San Francisco, California
  • MOSES Organic Farming Conference, Keynote, La Farge, Wisconsin
  • UC Berkeley Edible Education Lecture Series, Guest Lecturer, Berkeley, California
  • A Night of Food + Film about Urban Farming, Disposable Film Festival: The Concrete Kitchen, San Francisco, California
  • Knight Science Journalism at MIT Food, Boot Camp, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Edible Institute and Publishers Meeting, Keynote, New York, New York
  • Growing Green Awards, Natural Resource Defense Council, Berkeley, California
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Foods, Monterey, California
  • Childhood Hunger Forum, Urban Gleaners, Portland, Oregon
  • Berkeley Public School Gardening Program, Gala, Berkeley, California
  • Rise: The Better Living Expo Toronto, Canada
  • Franciscan Action Network Webinar
  • KNOW GMO, Charleston-Orwig, Milwaukee, WI
  • Kids & Soda: A Predatory Relationship, Community Event, Berkeley, California
  • Food First Pop-Up Film Festival, Food First, Berkeley, California
  • People’s Climate March, Panel Discussion, New York, New York
  • 18th Annual IFOAM Organic World Congress, International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, Istanbul, Turkey
  • UC Berkeley Sociology Class Berkeley, California
  • Forging Farmers Award Dinner, MESA, El Cerrito, California
  • Student Summit, AASHE, Portland, Oregon



  • National Sustainable Food Summit, Webinar
  • President’s Lecture Series, University of Montana, Missoula
  • Marketing Food to Children, TEDxManhattan, New York, New York
  • Westminster Town Hall, Minneapolis, MN
  • Sustainable Food Systems Speaker Series, Skype
  • Organic Valley Shareholders Annual Meeting, La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • A Conversation with Anna Lappé and William Schulz, UUSC, San Francisco, California
  • Bet the Farm: An Interview with Fred Kauffman Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, California
  • Busting Food Myths, A Conversation with Tom Philpott, Austin, Texas
  • BlogHer Food, Keynote Panel, Austin, Texas
  • Dora, Shrek and Ronald: Marketing to Kids and What We Can Do About It, Community Event, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • National Association of College and University Food Services, Keynote Event, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Food MythBusters Livestream Launch, Webinar
  • Keynote at Fall Retreat, Rachel’s Network, Austin, Texas
  • Panelist, Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, California
  • Sacramento Food Day, Keynote Event, California State University, Sacramento, California
  • Webinar with Keri Putnam, Executive Director of the Sundance Institute, Webinar
  • Alliance for Climate Education, San Francisco, California
  • UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy, Course Lecture, Berkeley, California
  • WhyHunger Google+ Hangout, Webinar
  • University at Buffalo, SUCalifornia, Course Lecture Buffalo, New York
  • Webinar with Robert Kenner, Director of Food Inc.