Analysis & Shaping the Story

Shifting the narrative and countering spin through media, research, and storytelling.

In a world filled with so much noise and nonsense, industry-funded “research,” and persistent misinformation, how do we cut through it all? Exposing conflicts of interest, debunking persistent myths about our food system, and holding a megaphone to the stories that show what’s possible—these are key strategies for shifting the narrative. We are a clear and synthesizing voice for the food movement, distilling big ideas for a popular audience, clearly defining the stakes, and exposing how power operates. We regularly convene with other communicators to ensure we are building a unified collective voice, clarifying framing, creating a shared understanding, and explicitly connecting our efforts to intersecting issues and communities.


  • Convening communicators
  • Collaborative comms consulting 
  • Podcast production support
  • Reports 
  • Op eds 
  • Writing, speaking