Everybody Eats

Addressing hunger with dignity, pay-as-you-can cafes are popping up across the world. This film tells the story of one innovative, and delicious, alternative to conventional hunger relief efforts and reveals the resiliency and compassion of community at the same time.


Directed by: Justinian Dispenza Edited by: Tanner Presswood Featuring: Chris May, Renee Boughman, Marlowe Cruz, Justin Baker, Lyn Harwell, Denise Cerreta, Frederick Miller, Bob Werth Special Thanks to: John D. Liu, OWEE Board, Unity Tables, JBJ Soul Foundation, F.A.R.M. Cafe, The Harbor Dish, Susan Owen, Ari Pliskin

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Boone, North Carolina | USA

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2016 Lens On Hunger Award Winner




8Justinian Dispenza, Director


I have spent the past 5 years traveling all over the world (28 countries so far) working on documentaries, travel videos, commercials, and media design projects. I recently moved back from China where I was working on short films about what people can do to help save the Giant Panda.  I’m looking to help reverse the trend that media is used as an escape or a marketing tool and use the medium of video to educate and inspire people to go out and change their world for the better.


9Tanner Presswood, Editor

I’ve been filming and editing documentaries and narrative films for ten years. I’ve always had a passion for finding the truth, whatever it may be. As a movie guy, documentary film making seemed like the best answer to that call. My goal is to demonstrate reality through a unique lens, one that demonstrates a resonating hope and confidence in humanity.

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