Food Hero: FEEST

FEEST is the Food Education Empowerment and Sustainability Team!

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Based in Seattle, FEEST creates on-the-spot youth-driven cooking – of ideas and ingredients! – in the kitchen. Decisions are made communally about what will be prepared to create the day’s menu and serve up a delicious, healthy meal followed by a family-style feast – all while learning more about food and its impact on our selves and our communities.

“Through improvisational cooking and dinners, FEEST creates safe and supportive space for young people to be themselves and take leadership of the space. With this environment, our youth leaders build community while simultaneously think critically about the food system and food issues that affect their communities. Our youth interns develop passion based projects and do advocacy that directly affects these issues that they’ve identified.”
-Meng Yu, youth engagement coordinator

Check out the FEEST blog! Entries are written by youth who attend the program and feature photography and articles by the wonderful FEEST interns and staff.

“Everyday we work with folks – every time we cook a meal – we make community.  That breaking of bread – and with it the making of community – is one the thing that can, paradoxically, unmake the oppressive forces in American society. The act of eating together is transformative.  Let us break bread; remake the world.” -Roberto Ascalon, kitchen director

This film is part of the Real Food Media Project’s Food Hero series.


This film is a collaboration between the Real Food Media Project and Rikshaw Productions.

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