Anna Lappé Interviewed on Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller

This October has been a busy month! Leading up to the James Beard Leadership Award ceremony in NYC, Anna Lappé spoke with Lauren Schiller on Inflection Point. Every episode features conversations that share the stories and insights of the women who are shaping our future.

James Beard Leadership Award winner Anna Lappé has spent most of her career as a sustainable food advocate.  It all started when Anna Lappé’s mom, Frances Moore Lappé (author of Diet for a Small Planet and many more) invited Anna to research and then co-author a book with her. That book became “Hope’s Edge,” and they traveled the world looking at solutions for sustainable food production as an antidote to our food industrial complex. That was 2002. Anna was hooked and has made pushing for a healthier food system her life’s work too and she’s just been recognized with a James Beard Leadership award. We talk big food and marketing to kids–and the implications for the health of our planet and people. Listen to our conversation on iTunes or NPR One.

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