Special Announcement: A New Chapter in Real Food Media History

There was a time when “Real Food Media” was synonymous with the name Anna Lappé.

Already a bestselling author and household name, Anna founded the organization in 2012 to help meet a critical need she saw in the food movement: the need for powerful media and communications tools and narratives to combat industry disinformation.

In the intervening years, Anna has provided game-changing analysis, strategy support, and material resources to frontline groups across the country and around the world. She also helped grow Real Food Media into what it is today: a women co-led organization using our collective communications skills, creativity, and political savvy in the service of this irresistible movement.

We are pleased to announce a shift that feels both important and seamlessly natural in the evolution of Real Food Media: Anna Lappé is leaving her part-time staff position with us, and her part-time staff position with the Panta Rhea Foundation, to begin a new position in July as executive director of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. We could not be more excited and proud to see our long-time colleague and mentor, our champion and friend, take on this pivotal role. Anna will continue on as a close advisor and we are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with the Global Alliance.

Over the next few months, you will almost certainly be hearing more from our team as we adapt to this transition—and reflect on the profound ways Anna has shaped us as individuals and as an organization. She has instilled in all of us an “abundance mentality” that makes us believe anything is possible, a gift we hope we can continue paying forward.

We invite you to share your reflections about Anna’s influence on you or your work. And do let us know if you have any questions about this transition. With humility and enthusiasm, we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

In community and solidarity,

Real Food Media co-directors (Christina, Tiffani, and Tanya)

P.S. You can see her announcement video here.