Celebrating Farmers (and the Eaters Who Love Them) with the PCC Farmland Trust

by Anna Lappé

One of my very favorite parts of the work I do is speaking to people all around the country and getting reenergized by the activism I see everywhere I go. Seriously, everywhere. I have to admit, though, as I got up to speak at the PCC Farmland Trust event last night, my heart was in the Capay Valley where the community, including some a number of thriving organic farms, is being threatened by one of the first climate crisis wildfires of the year. But the energy in the room lifted my spirits and my hope was renewed by the activism to support land access for farmers and by meeting the amazing women who joined me after my talk for a panel discussion about food system transformation, including my friend, and the lovely restaurateur, Donna Moodie. If you’re ever in Seattle, you must go to her resto Marjorie—and don’t miss the plantain chips.