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Our food system is in need of radical transformation. Today’s dominant food system is a key driver of climate change, environmental devastation, wealth inequality, a growing public health crisis, and corporate consolidation. And those at the heart of the food system—workers, farmers, and food producers of all kinds—experience exploitation and abuse, with women and people of color most severely impacted. Farmers, indigenous people, and rural communities are among those hardest hit by the extreme weather events on the rise with global climate change. At Real Food Media, we see all these struggles as interconnected.

The need for change is so urgent—and the problems so vast—that it can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to feel that way. We create tools to help people deepen their understanding of some of the most important food system issues, because we believe that to truly address a problem we first have to understand how it came to be, who it impacts, and how it perpetuates itself in our policies and in our culture. So, let’s get radical—let’s get to the root.



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