Real Food Scoop | No. 40

“I think it is healing behavior to look at something so broken and see the possibility and wholeness in it.” —Adrienne Maree Brown


In a year in which tragedy has been so pervasive—and joy so elusive—we find ourselves in deep reflection about what, and who, gives us hope. For our Real Food Media hive, hope has been grounded in the love and support we demonstrate to each other within our team, our communities, and this movement. And it’s bloomed from the expansive possibility and wholeness we envision together every day, even as our current food systems were designed to exploit and fail so many.

The peasants and farmers of the world, as always, give shape to our vision. They help us imagine a world fueled by solidarity and bound intimately with nature.

In India, the past few months have seen tens of thousands of farmers—with supporters numbering in the millions—rise up against laws that would allow retail monopolies and agribusiness corporations to dominate the food system and undermine farmer livelihoods. A nationwide strike peacefully observed on December 8th and ongoing actions continue to amass widespread support among people of all walks of life, in India and around the world (like this action in California). A number of actions are planned in the coming days, including hunger strikes and highway blockades.

In the United States, the #landback movement is growing, with demands to dismantle white supremacy structures that forcefully removed Native people from their Lands, return public lands to Indigenous hands, and defund the systems that enforce white supremacy and disconnect Indigenous people from stewardship of the Land (read the full manifesto). The Disparity to Parity coalition was formed to call for fair pricing for farmers and build a racially just, economically empowered, and climate resilient food system (read the press release). Diverse groups in the US food movement are also discussing and providing feedback on the Justice for Black Farmers Act introduced by senators Booker, Warren, and Gillibrand, aimed at addressing Black land loss and historic discrimination within the USDA.

“Resistance is the secret of joy,” said Alice Walker. We’ve got plenty of resistance to gear up for—and plenty to be joyful about—in 2021. We look forward to sharing it all with you.

In solidarity and with warm wishes this holiday season,

Christina, Tiffani, Tanya, and Anna

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Featured image: Times of India