Real Food Scoop | No. 2

Small farmers and peasants produce as much as three quarters of the food we eat globally.

Small-scale farmers and peasants are also the heart of the sustainable practices that create resilient food systems while they experience the brunt of climate change. A growing chorus of voices worldwide is calling for these food producers to be central to investments in agriculture and strategies to tackle climate change.

This May, Anna joined the Global Alliance for the Future of Food’s international dialogue on food and climate. There, Anna helped conduct interviews with key participants whose voices are included in this video (also featured below), highlighting why anyone interested in eating should be interested in how climate change affects the food system—and how small-scale farmers are responding to the climate crisis. 

Small-scale food producers are making this case loud and clear. In this month’s issue, we shine the spotlight on the international peasant movement La Vía Campesina, which just held its 7th international conference with delegates from all corners of the earth.

In the words of La Vía Campesina, Globalize struggle! Globalize hope!

Anna, Christina, Tiffani, and Tanya

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