Real Food Scoop | No. 27

For US Food Day, we honor our friends and partners transforming the food system through the power of institutional procurement.


The Good Food Purchasing Program is one of Real Food Media’s deepest and most extensive collaborations. In this work, we get to support and bare witness to what we think is one of the most impactful initiatives in the country to scale up values-based food purchasing—and tilt the scales in favor of sustainability, workers’ rights, healthy food, animal welfare, and local economies.

Each year on Food Day, our partner the Center for Good Food Purchasing recognizes the exemplary leadership of Good Food Heroes: individuals and organizations with significant accomplishments related to the Good Food Purchasing Program. Good Food Heroes have demonstrated a commitment to the Program’s five values as well as core tenets of racial equity, supply chain transparency, accountability, and public leadership in driving demand for Good Food.

This year’s honorees showcase some truly remarkable and forward-looking Good Food Heroes—who are modeling the boldness, creativity, and vision we need for true food system transformation. They are: Austin Independent School District, Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, the Cincinnati Good Food Purchasing Coalition, and DC Central Kitchen. Keep an eye on these inspiring leaders! Learn more here.

In community and solidarity,

Christina, Tanya, Anna, and Tiffani

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Diced and Sliced Pasta Challenge Winners from Dobie Middle School, Austin Independent School District