Real Food Scoop | No. 4

Stand up to Big Food and celebrate Food Day, every day.

This month, The New York Times published some of its best reporting on food and public health, with a deep dive into global food giant Nestlé’s impact in Brazil (read Anna’s take here). The focus was on that country, but a similar story is being written around the world.

As part of a global community, we at Real Food Media believe in standing up to Big Food and its attempts to influence elected officials and demanding real regulation and new policies for public health here at home and around the world. The good news is there are policies that work—the ones we seek to amplify, through our videos, collaborations, and media engagement—like restricting marketing to children, promoting healthy food procurement through initiatives like the Good Food Purchasing Program, and passing taxes like the sugary beverage taxes.

This month, in the lead up to Food Day (Oct. 24), we invite you to join with us to celebrate #FoodDayEveryDay, sharing stories about the countless organizations and individuals who make our food system work for our communities, every day. Follow the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and tell us how you promote good food in your everyday life!

In community and solidarity,

Anna, Christina, Tiffani, and Tanya

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