Anna Lappé Named One of Top 50 Food Activists

by The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

“Humans have been growing food, cooking and eating for centuries, but it’s never been more difficult to navigate our food system than it is right now. Processing, marketing, healthwashing, genetic modification, chemicals, toxins – it’s all impacted our food supply and more importantly, our health and wellbeing.

Thankfully, we have these top 50 food activists on our side. They champion whole food eating, challenge corporations to change their damaging practices, educate us about nutrition and how food affects us, raise awareness about the link between our food choices and the environment, and more. These food activists encourage us to make informed decisions about what we eat and inspire us to do the best we can.

Here are our Top 50 food activists – we hope you are empowered by them as much as we are!”

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