Earth to Dinner: Six Tips for a Climate-Friendly Meal

We are honored that Anna could share some climate-friendly meal tips as part of GOOD’s #EarthToDinner series.

Get in the “it’s-winter-let’s-hunker-down and have a meal together” mood with your friends this Monday, December 12: the one year anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement. You’ll join hundreds of others in the #EarthToDinner climate conversation dinner series to keep climate action on the table. 

The global food system is not only a casualty of global warming, it’s also a central culprit: how we produce food, where we grow it, and what we do with it are key drivers of the climate crisis.

The global food system is the source of roughly one third of all greenhouse gas emissions, from coal-fired power plants for fertilizer production to rainforests destroyed for soy plantations in Brazil to peatland demolished in Indonesia for palm oil. But, here’s the good news: Our food system is also a key part of the cure—a cure we can all be part of every time we make a choice about the foods we cook, the policy we advocate for and the food companies we support.

Watch the video: