Real Food Scoop | No. 29

Another year—and decade—is coming to a close. Thank you for walking this path with us.


This time last year we were feeling hopeful, but also battle-worn. Though the battles have not subsided, this year we find ourselves arriving at the end of the year energized. Perhaps we’ve gotten better at using our energies wisely and taking care of ourselves and one another. We have discovered new forms and depths to our resilience—and so have our communities and movements.

Despite the shadows of planetary ecological crises, white supremacy, and corporate spin, people power has been growing across the country and around the world. And we have some big wins to show for it:

  • Toxic pesticides have been banned in nine school districts and thirteen college campuses, with momentum gaining in over two dozen other colleges campuses, from Hawaii to New York, thanks in part to the organizing efforts of our friends at Herbicide-Free Campus.
  • Good Food Purchasing Program policies have swept the nation, with 2019 adoptions in Cincinnati, Austin, Boston, and Washington DC.
  • The legitimacy and power of the climate justice movement has exploded—despite government negotiators and their corporate patrons failing us in spaces like COP 25—and food system transformation has become a key part of its strategy.

We feel honored to be part of the fabric of these movements, lending our communications expertise, learning from our partners, and building the deep relational roots needed to withstand the challenges ahead—and keep racking up victories! We’ve been fortunate to do some exciting work this year, in partnership with some phenomenal activists. Highlights include:

  • Another mind-expanding season of the Real Food Reads book club and podcast, with a selection of books and authors that have become go-to references for us in thinking (and doing) food systems transformation.
  • Soul-stirring events like the Center for Good Food Purchasing’s first Power of Procurement national gathering in Chicago, the Narrative Change workshop at Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funder’s Annual Conference, and Climate Chaos, Food Solutions with the Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture.
  • The launch of three thematic organizing toolkits on climate, labor, and health with gorgeous original illustrations from artivist Katie Blanchard with over 200 pages of resources, discussion guides, films, recipes, and more to activate your community and stimulate your senses.
  • Anna’s writing on topics from the insect apocalypse to plant-based burgers to the fires in the Amazon, helping to shape the narrative on food and farming and influencing decision-makers behind the scenes.

2020: we’re ready for you. We can’t wait for all the collaborations, struggles, laughter, and food that is to come.

Happy holidays from the Real Food Media team,

Anna, Tiffani, Christina, and Tanya

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Header image: Anna at the University of Michigan’s Food Literacy for All lecture series in March