Suffering from Planetary Despair? Get Active with our New Climate Toolkit

Getting active is our antidote to planetary woes—and our new organizing toolkit can help!


As we were putting the final touches on our Tackling Climate Change through Food organizing toolkit, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with perhaps its most alarming report to date: a global temperature increase from 1.5° C to 2° C would put millions more people at risk of famine, disease, economic loss, and displacement. To stay at or below 1.5° C—which would still change the world as we know it—we need to urgently slash greenhouse gas emissions, and reach net zero by 2050. And a new global study shocked us with this staggering news: as much as forty percent of all insect species are in serious decline around the globe, due in large part to the expansion of toxic industrial agriculture.

All of this is certainly daunting. But there’s no time to waste on feelings of helplessness and isolation. People, organizations, and communities all around us taking bold action every day. We hope our new toolkit will help you connect to—and grow—the movement to transform our food system from one of the biggest drivers of the climate crisis to one of the key tools in our toolbox for planetary survival.

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Header photo: Organización Boricua